In the year 1912, Jacob Einar Jacobsen left Oslo Norway with his family to legally migrate to the United States of America. They took the common route of entering the country through Ellis Island in New York City, and then they migrated to Chicago IL. Once settled into his new home, Jacob Einar Jacobsen became a managing partner of the downtown house moving and shoring company Sheeler & Son Co. located at 228 N. LaSalle Street. 

With a skilled hand and a keen eye, Jacob moved residential and commercial buildings several blocks away to their new locations. The image below is nearly one hundred years old and shows Jacob and his colleagues in one of the buildings they moved.

The company was very successful and provided excellent services to many clients over many years with Mr. Jacobsen evidently taking over 100% ownership of the company which employed many people including his two sons, Henry and Ralph. Mr. Jacobsen went on to become one of the main engineers at Lamasco Engineering Company in Evansville, Indiana.


Henry went on to become the #2 bricklayer in the City of Chicago, while his brother Ralph became chief engineer at Miele Dexter Goss Printing Press Company. Henry was hired by the City of Chicago to complete a full renovation of the famous Chicago Water Tower. An image of the letter Mayor Daley sent to him upon completion of the project is below.


Henry Jacobsen Letter

The original copy of this letter has been lost. The letter pictured is only an artist re-creation of Mayor Daley's original letter of commendation to the best recollection of Gary Jacobsen, and should not be assumed to be a genuine duplicate.


All three men brought the honesty, integrity, and desire to succeed they were taught in the old country and have passed that tradition onto their descendants. The Building Doctor, Esq. LLC is owned and run by Gary Jacobsen, the 3rd generation workman of the Jacobsen family, and is being followed by his son, Todd, and his grandsons, Thor and Blaine, marking 5 generations of upholding the Jacobsen tradition.


Gary's son, Todd Jacobsen, is a contractor in Indiana. He also owns his own business, American Spray Foam, L.L.C., and his work proves that the Jacobsen tradition of craftsmenship will live on into the next generation.